Pacific Graphics 2002
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for Regular Paper:

Each paper presentation will be given 25 min including 20 min talk and 5 min Q&A.

Standard visual facilities are available, including PC projector, Overhead Projector, VHS video (NTSC and PAL). Microsoft PowerPoint and Word will be available for presentation on our PC.

If you need other equipment or software, please email to

for Poster Authors:

1.There will be one board allotted for each poster presentation. The usable area of each board is 90cm in width and 120cm in height.

2.The poster session will take place in the afternoon of Oct. 10 (day two of the conference) for about 90 mins. There will be 26 poster presentations at PG 2002.

3.There will be a PC and a set of TV/VCR provided for showing a demo or playing a video tape accompanying your poster presentation for discussion purposes. The VCR is capable of playing video tapes in NTSC and PAL. This set of equipment will be shared (time-sharing) by all the presenters.

4.Please send email to please email to if you have any special requirements on software to be installed on the PC for your demo.

5.Please note:
The authors of a poster paper would be requested to cover the printing cost of their paper if none of them attend the conference to make the presentation.