Mixed-Domain Edge-Aware Image Manipulation


Xian-Ying Li1   Yan Gu1   Shi-Min Hu1   Ralph R. Martin2


1Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing

2School of Computer Science & Informatics, Cardiff University, Wales








This paper gives a novel approach to edge-aware image manipulation. Our method processes a Gaussian pyramid from coarse to fine, and at each level, applies a nonlinear filter bank to the neighborhood of each pixel. Outputs of these spatially-varying filters are merged using global optimization. The optimization problem is solved using an explicit mixeddomain (real space and DCT transform space) solution, which is efficient, accurate, and easy-to-implement. We demonstrate applications of our method to a set of problems including detail and contrast manipulation, HDR compression, non-photorealistic rendering, and haze removal.





Mixed-Domain Edge-Aware Image Manipulation [7.0M Paper]

Xian-Ying Li, Yan Gu, Ralph R. Martin, and Shi-Min Hu.

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2013, 22(5), 1915-1925.





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MixedDomainFilter (C++ Code)