Magic Decorator: Automatic Material Suggestion for Indoor Digital Scenes

Kang Chen1,  Kun Xu1,  Yizhou Yu2,  Tian-Yi Wang1,  Shi-Min Hu1
1Tsinghua University, Beijing, China             2The University of Hong Kong

Abstract: Assigning textures and materials within 3D scenes is a tedious and labor-intensive task. In this paper, we present Magic Decorator, a system that automatically generates material suggestions for 3D indoor scenes. To achieve this goal, we introduce local material rules, which describe typical material patterns for a small group of objects or parts, and global aesthetic rules, which account for the harmony among the entire set of colors in a specific scene. Both rules are obtained from collections of indoor scene images. We cast the problem of material suggestion as a combinatorial optimization considering both local material and global aesthetic rules. We have tested our system on various complex indoor scenes. A user study indicates that our system can automatically and efficiently produce a series of visually plausible material suggestions which are comparable to those produced by artists.

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