Interactive Image-Guided Modeling of Extruded Shapes

Yan-Pei Cao1, Tao Ju2, Zhao Fu1, Shi-Min Hu1
1Tsinghua University
2Washington University in St. Louis

Abstract: A recent trend in interactive modeling of 3D shapes from a single image is designing minimal interfaces, and accompanying algorithms, for modeling a specific class of objects. Expanding upon the range of shapes that existing minimal interfaces can model, we present an interactive image-guided tool for modeling shapes made up of extruded parts. An extruded part is represented by extruding a closed planar curve, called base, in the direction orthogonal to the base. To model each extruded part, the user only needs to sketch the projected base shape in the image. The main technical contribution is a novel optimization-based approach for recovering the 3D normal of the base of an extruded object by exploring both geometric regularity of the sketched curve and image contents. We developed a convenient interface for modeling multi-part shapes and a method for optimizing the relative placement of the parts. Our tool is validated using synthetic data and tested on real-world images.

Paper: [PDF 16.3M].
Supplemental Video: Youtube or Download [MP4 168M].

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